About Merelda Labradors

We have always had a Labrador in our family but when our dear old boy was nearing his time we began the search for our new puppy.  The search resulted in us understanding the importance of a responsible breeder and the results being achieved, so we began the process to obtain our own prefix and become a responsible breeder ourselves.

A long process but we stayed patient and made it through! When our first litter of purebred Labrador puppies arrived the emotion of “we have done it” was rewarding. 

We would like to acknowledge Guy Spagnolo of Driftway Labradors and Helen Roche of Phenwick Labradors for their support and mentoring, helping us to obtain our Prefix.

kylie mckenzie with her partners at merelda labaradors

We are a small family kennel in rural NSW producing puppies with sound temperaments and structure making them perfect just for you whether it be for companionship, family pets or show.

Our breeders are part of our family with defining mannerisms and placidness. Our puppies are raised in a family environment, with Kylie, Tim and their children, making them suitable for persons of all ages and personalities.

Our breeders and sires have been sourced from distinguished and respected kennels – Phenwick, Driftway and Lacote. The sound bloodlines from these kennels has enabled us to create our own bloodlines resulting in healthy Labrador puppies with sound temperaments and structure.

puppies breastfeeding to phenwick annies song patty merelda labradors

“Healthy, beautiful dogs that are sound in temperament and body are the aim of all dedicated dog breeders”

 Dr Karen Hedberg BVSc
Dogs NSW

Responsible breeding

Being a Responsible Breeder ensures the breeding of purebred dogs are kept true to breed type.  It ensures that sound healthy puppies are bred and the welfare of both adults and puppies is of upmost priority and importance. 

Responsible breeding ensures brood bitches and sires with sound physical, mental, genetic and same breed type are carefully selected, and all required mandatory tests have been completed and passed before breeding can commence. 
A responsible breeder must also have a prefix issued by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). A breeder’s prefix is similar to a business name and is commonly referred to as a kennel name. This prefix becomes the first word before every puppy’s name registered by the breeder. It is unique and mandatory on all dog registration papers.
Our prefix MERELDA allows puppies that have been bred by us to be recognised as one of ours. Having a prefix also comes with the responsibility of following a strict code of ethics as set by the ANKC.
Verify our membership with Dogs NSW. You can also find us on Dogz Online.
More information on Labrador Retrievers and responsible breeding can be found at  Dogs NSW and Dogz Online.
puppies breastfeeding to phenwick annies song patty merelda labradors

Merelda Labradors

Breeder Identification Number: B000752310

Breeders Prefix: MERELDA

Dogs NSW Membership Number: 2100083030