Meet our Patty and Sally
The perfect Labrador mums

Meet our girls

Our girls have been carefully selected from distinguished and respected kennels in Phenwick, Driftway and Lacote. The sound bloodlines from these kennels has enabled us to create our own blood lines resulting in healthy Labrador puppies with sound temperaments and structures.

Our breeders are hip and elbow scored as per the requirements of Dogs NSW.

Lacote Sweet Sally

lacote sweet sally call name sally black labrador by merelda labradors

Call name Sally

Hip 1:0

Elbow 0:0

Sally has a beautiful shiny coat that never disappears and just loves being with people. Sally has a happy face with a permanent smile. Sally currently has a litter of pups.

Sweet Sally's latest puppies

web Merelda labs 2nd litter-12
web Merelda labs 2nd litter-10
web Merelda labs 2nd litter-7

Phenwick Annies Song

phenwick annies song call name patty chocolate labrador by merelda labradors

Call name Patty

Hip 3:3

Elbow 0:0

Patty is a calm placid girl, easy come easy go. She is not pushy and is fantastic with children. Patty is a perfect mum and is producing gorgeous puppies.

Annies Song's latest puppies